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Walter was OUTSTANDING! What a professional and a gentleman. He first tried to see if we could start my vehicle so I could avoid the tow. When that didn't work, he quickly and efficiently got my car hooked up and loaded. Finally, although I was prepared to follow him to the dealer for arranging a repair, he did all that for me, taking my information and key to leave with the dealership. He saved me that additional time, which I greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for such outstanding service.
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Honest company with good service. Ended up accidentally paying twice (Zelle and credit card) and the company refunded one of the charges, which doesn’t happen often with towing companies. The manager was pretty hands on and easy to work with.
Our experience from the dispatcher to the driver was excellent. They handled our vehicle with care from beginning to end. The driver was friendly and courteous. We will definitely use them again should the need arise!
My vehicle was picked up by Eastern Towing. Outstanding service! They were there ahead of the time they specified, promptly loaded the vehicle on the flatbed and towed it to my destination. The driver was friendly and courteous. I will definitely use them again.
My car broke down on my way to the dealership at 6:30 in the morning. They were the only towing company to answer the phone even though all the companies claim to be 24 hours. The man on the phone told me that it would be at least a 2 hour wait. Walter was at my car within an hour and was super nice and helpful. When we arrived at the dealership he told the service agent what the problem was and showed them the missing lug nut on my back tire and how loose the tire was. He reassured me that I did the right and save thing by pulling off the road and calling for a tow. He help explained the problem better then I could. I’m so grateful for the help Walter gave.
Every aspect of my experience with Eastern Towing was outstanding! They were on time, courteous, and very professional. Walter took great care of my car and is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.
Excellent tow service which I highly recommend. They were available immediately and there is a real human on the phone not a time wasting robot. He arrived on time and was very pleasant. Walter was the one that provided the tow who was extremely professional and nice. I rode with him in the tow truck and had a long tow from Spotsylvania to Gordonsville (40+ miles) and was very engaging on the entire trip. When you need a tow, you are already stressed and Walter actually made me forget a little of my situation. Hopefully Eastern Towing is paying him well. He not only provided the service, but added a lot of humanity which is often lacking these days. Highly recommend this company.
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